6 Creative Out Of Office Holiday Email Templates You Can Steal

December 20, 2021

Word of mouth has never been more important in B2B, and companies all around are seeing enormous value in humanizing their marketing efforts. 

Dave G. says it perfectly - Write like you talk. And that line right there is golden.

So why not let ourselves have some fun with our OOO messages and maybe even leave our contacts with a delightful and very unexpected auto-reply.

If you're the not-so-serious type that likes to add a bit of spice to your emails, you'll appreciate an unconventional OOO. We have 6 festive holiday Out of Office templates that you can use. 

Just copy/paste it and share the joy.

Christmas OOO

Subject line: Ho Ho Ho - Out Of The Office I Go

Dashing through the snow, to the mall I have to go,
My cat is waiting for his gift, so from work, I’ve gotta go. 

I have a gorgeous Christmas tree, but my cat would disagree,
so I better wrap up his present and he might just let it be. 🎄

While I’m on this snowy quest, if you have any requests,
[Colleague Name & Email] will act in my absence, and your needs will be addressed.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 🎅

Easter OOO

Subject line: BRB, I’m Chasing the Easter Bunny - Out Of Office

Attention everybody! 📢 This is not a drill. I repeat this is not a drill.

Somehow the Easter Bunny found (and stole) all of my colorful eggs. 🐇🥚

It appears he’s disguised and is hiding in Wonderland, so I better team up with Alice.

Until I retrieve them, [Colleague Name & Email] will be my second in command. 🖖

“Can’t talk, gotta run” - says me while stress-eating the hidden candy. 

Happy Easter! 

Summer Vacation OOO

Subject Line: Cocktailing on the Beach - Out of Office


Thanks for reaching out.

I'm a bit tied up building sandcastles so I can't respond but rest assured, as soon as I'm done with sunbathing, swimming & Amaretto Souring, I’ll get back to you. 🍹🏖️

I’m thinking [Date]. That is if the sharks don’t get me. 😋

If you have an urgent matter that needs to be addressed immediately, please reach out to [Colleague Name & Email].  

Warm regards, literally 🔆

Halloween OOO

Subject line: I’m Trick or Treating - Out Of Office

I am currently on a high-level hunt for any, every, and all candy with my kids. 

So you understand why I can’t reply at the moment. 🍭🍬🍫

Feel free to contact [Colleague Name & Email] until [Date].

Happy Halloween everyone! 🎃

Thanksgiving OOO

Subject Line: Celebration in Progress - Out Of Office

Cider’s mulling, turkey’s turking, yams are yamming! And I’m celebrating Thanksgiving. 🥳

I’ll be back and will reply to all emails on [Date]. 

In case of an emergency, feel free to contact [Colleague Name & Email]. He/She/They got your back with anything you might need while I’m away. 

Well, almost anything - if you burn your turkey, you’re on your own. 

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all! 🦃

Hanukkah OOO

Subject line: Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel - I’m Out of Office Today


I’m sorry I missed you. 

I realized I only have birthday candles at home, so I’m out buying some big, shiny ones to celebrate Hanukkah properly. 🕎

While I’m gone, [Colleague Name & Email] will take over for me, and I’ll get back to you on [Date].

The whole fam will sing in Yiddish, so if you’re a neighbor emailing me - Sorry, we’re doing our best to hit all the right notes. 😉

We hope these Out Of Office email templates inspire you to have a bit of fun. If you’d like to swipe some of our other email templates, check out: 5 Impactful B2B Email Templates to Say Thanks.

Have a request for an email template you’d like us to work on? Shoot us an email on events@opensense.com and we’ll add it to our list. 

Happy Holidays! 🥂

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