8 Blogs Every B2B Marketer Should Follow

September 9, 2021

B2B marketing. It’s rough out here trying to stand out. So when a campaign, video, social post, or blog makes us stop in our tracks, it really stands out. In fact, we share those things in our marketing Slack channel for inspo.

If you could peek in our Slack, it’s safe to say we hate fluffy content. You know the kind. They say what you should do, without how to do it. So the blogs that have stood out to us, not only offer inspiration but feel fresh and offer new ideas and tactical advice, not just fluff.

Here are our top blogs we think you should check out.

1- Design Pickle

Design Pickle’s creative hub offers a variety of topics from branding strategy and business tips, to diversity and company culture. We not only love how their site is designed (bonus!) but with articles like, “​​3 Keys to Choosing the Right Design Partner for Your Business” and “I Survived Another Website Relaunch: 6 Lessons I Learned”, there’s content for every role on your team.

2- Sleeknote

When 70,000+ marketers are subscribed to a blog, we pay particular attention (props to the team for adding social proof like this to their subscribe form - you had us at first pop up). Sleeknote may love email just as much as we do, and we’re here for it! Get email subject lines and copy templates to cover any kind of email your team sends, plus check out their copywriting section with examples that you’ll want to add to your swipe file.

3- Canva

This blog is inspo central!

From building brand equity to content strategies and design tips that turn heads, they cover a variety of topics. Plus, they have sections with resources and ideas to help nonprofits, teachers, and students, which is pretty cool. And if you haven’t tried Canva out, we highly recommend it. It’s our favorite tool we recommend to our customers to design banners for running email signature campaigns.

4- Monday.com

As active users of Monday.com, we appreciate their ongoing advice on marketing management, workflows, and productivity, plus templates that help us run things more smoothly around here. Their creative team section offers up advice around design planning and management, while their marketing section shares ways to prove marketing’s impact and topics we should see more of, like how to market to other cultures.

5- Mailchimp

Mailchimp wins at combining entertainment with value. You can go there to get quick tips on the dos and don’ts of building your community and a practical guide to refreshing your brand. And you can also learn where Gen Z goes to discover who’s trending and find out what In-N-Out’s brand story is, then learn about the male beauty industry, the latest indoor climbing trend, and what the heck a Gym Pod is. We promise you won’t regret a visit here.

6- Sweet Fish Media

Smart, fresh, and fun are three adjectives that are interwoven into every Sweet Fish blog post. Sweet Fish Media is our go-to source for all things podcasting. As podcasters ourselves, this was a gold mine for advice and templates on how we should start. Since then, they continually surprise us with tips, leaving us thinking, “Why didn’t we think of that?”. You can expect unique angles, first-hand insights, and actionable advice. Oh, and GIFs.

7- SharpSpring

If you’re interested in marketing automation, this blog’s for you. Keep up with MarTech trends and topics like dynamic email, omni-channel strategies, and how to get smart with retargeting ads. They push out a lot of content each week, so you’ll always have something new to read.

8- NetBase Quid

NetBase Quid offers up a lot of consumer insights. They stay relevant talking about current events, like the state of live concerts, the 2021 Olympics, and HBO’s most recent show, The White Lotus. Whether you like interesting breakdowns or want to see how analyzing consumer behavior can be incorporated into your marketing, this blog is for you.


We can’t come to a close without mentioning one of our favorite resources for marketing tips and inspiration, Marketing Examples. It’s basically a swipe file in itself. They use real-life examples to show us how to do marketing the right way. You’ll find examples ranging from copywriting and B2B SEO, to giveaways and viral campaigns. 

We hope you take a moment and discover a new favorite blog from the list above. And if you have any other marketing blog recommendations, we’re all ears :) Drop us a DM on any social platform and let us know.

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