Account Based Marketing Email Ideas for Your Executive Team

September 18, 2023

ABM Email All-Stars: Executive Team

Welcome to the ABM Email All-Stars series, where we show how each area of your go-to-market team (Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, and Executive Leadership) can use employee email as a powerful new channel that helps with your ABM strategy.

Your c-level leadership team - including your CMO, CRO, and/or CEO - should all have a stake in your ABM strategy. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Setting strategic direction
  • Helping with resource allocation
  • Encouraging collaboration across go-to-market teams
  • Singing the praises of ABM internally
  • Providing guidance on target accounts
  • Monitoring progress and ROI

Last but not least, the attendance of your leadership team in meetings, calls, and email communication with prospects and customers is of utmost importance. It can enhance credibility, show the account they’re important to your organization, build stronger relationships, and accelerate the sales process. And when a c-level team member does email a top account, make it count by turning their email signature into an opportunity to promote the right message. Here are a few examples that can make a big impact.

Celebrate Wins and Establish Credibility

Proudly displaying a company award, recognition, or milestone can get the attention of buying committee members, drive engagement (“Hey! Can you tell me more about this award?”), build trust, establish credibility, and set your company apart from competitors. This type of message in an email ad represents so many potential benefits that can positively impact your momentum with a top account (and your overall ABM strategy). Why wouldn’t you include a banner like this in every email sent by your leadership team to potential buyers?

Welcome New Customers

What’s a sure way to get a customer relationship off to a good start? How about a welcome email from your CEO or another c-level executive. And be sure to include a personalized email banner that speaks specifically to new customers. Small details like this can make a big impact with customer relationships.

Promote New Product Features, Services, or Offerings

Just like with prospective customers, interactions between the leadership team and your existing customers are crucial. Especially those customers who represent cross-sell and upsell opportunities. If your internal team members, and especially c-level team members, aren’t excited about a new product offering, how do you expect your customers to be? There are many opportunities to get creative and show that excitement through an email ad, like the one below.

Share More About Your Company or Culture

Sharing your company’s culture, team, and values humanizes your brand. And people like to do business with other people, not just faceless entities. Creating opportunities for your audience to learn more about what drives your company’s decisions and actions can lead to many benefits for your sales cycle. Maybe it’s a compelling story that captivates your audience and creates some emotional engagement. Or possibly your story represents a unique selling proposition, shows transparency and authenticity, or establishes trust and credibility.

It can transform your position from just a provider of products or services to a relatable and trustworthy partner. So whatever your company story is, try to use it strategically. And use this channel to get your most important accounts to see it.

Ready to Become an ABM Email All-Star?

Email is one of the most commonly used forms of communication in the business world, yet it's often overlooked as a powerful channel to connect your c-level team with customers and prospects. By targeting priority accounts with specific email ads within your executive team’s email signatures, you can deliver a more personalized and effective message with every email sent. And with Opensense, this simple (yet effective) account based marketing play has never been easier. Get more ABM examples.

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