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September 11, 2023

ABM Email All-Stars: Customer Success

Welcome to the ABM Email All-Stars series, where we show how each area of your go-to-market team (Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, and Executive Leadership) can use employee email as a powerful new channel that helps with your ABM strategy.

Account based marketing is not just about acquiring new customers, it’s also for nurturing and expanding existing customer relationships. ABM can be applied to happy customers that might be willing to provide a testimonial or share their positive experience. Customers who want to do more, where you can cross-sell and upsell additional services or features. Or customers who are at risk, coming up for renewal, or need to get back on track. Customer marketing within an ABM strategy is essential for driving revenue growth from existing accounts. Here’s how your customer success team, and the emails they send every day to your most important accounts, can help your ABM (and revenue growth) strategy.

Enable Customers with Training

Well-trained, confident customers who use your product or service best are often your happiest customers. And happy customers lead to sustainable revenue growth. But first, you need to provide plenty of opportunities for them to feel supported. And make it easy for them to find helpful resources throughout every step of their onboarding and adoption journey. So whether it’s a virtual training workshop, link to your knowledge base, or product tutorials, use every email sent to your customers as an opportunity to promote these resources.

Introduce New Products, Features, or Services

Need a new play for your customer marketing strategy? Try this. First identify your customers with the highest expansion potential, highest contract value, or healthy app usage. Then, target them with a message that promotes a new service, feature, or product and see what happens. It’s amazing how a simple play like this can become the ultimate conversation starter for your customer success team and account managers. And it’s the perfect ABM play to run within this channel.

Generate More Opportunities for Feedback

All feedback from customers is valuable. Whether it’s through a review, rating, or survey, these customer responses contain key insights on what’s working and what’s not. Prioritizing customers means celebrating their perspectives, providing avenues to share their thoughts, and having those thoughts viewable to all. So whether you need to generate more opportunities for customer feedback or show off positive customer feedback to your other top accounts, employee email can help with both.

Promote Customer Events

Customer-only events represent so much value. They can strengthen relationships, establish a sense of community, provide education, and increase overall customer satisfaction. That’s why teams make the investment in these types of events and do everything they can to ensure the right customers attend. And by “everything” we mean a multi-channel promotion strategy that drives registration and attendance, and this channel can help with that in a big way.

Ready to Become an ABM Email All-Star?

Email is one of the most commonly used forms of communication in the business world, yet it's often overlooked as a powerful customer marketing (and account based marketing) channel. By targeting the right account with specific email ads, you can deliver a more personalized and effective message that speaks directly to the needs of each customer. And with Opensense, using employee email for ABM has never been easier. Get more ABM examples.

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