ABM Email Ideas and Inspiration for Your Marketing Team

August 24, 2023

ABM Email All-Stars: Marketing

Welcome to the ABM Email All-Stars series, where we show how each area of your go-to-market team (Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, and Executive Leadership) can use employee email as a powerful new channel that helps with your ABM strategy.

This post is focused on the marketing team, who is often developing personalized content, crafting personalized campaigns, thinking up engagement strategies, coordinating multichannel engagement, presenting analytics and insights, and looping in the sales team on intent signals. These components are crucial to a successful account based marketing strategy, and guess which channel can help with ALL of them? Check out the examples and ideas below to see how marketers can use employee email to boost their ABM efforts.

Promote Virtual or In-Person Events

Virtual events, in-person events, conferences, and dinners can all be wonderful opportunities to engage and build relationships with potential buyers in your top accounts. But first, they need to know about it and you need to get them there. Marketers know firsthand just how much time and effort event coordination requires, so make it count with a channel that directly reaches all of the individuals and accounts you’re looking to get there. Whether it’s your big annual conference or an exclusive VIP invite, events can make a huge impact on your target accounts. But a smart and targeted promotion strategy is the first step.

Share Educational Content

Delivering educational content to the right audience can also play a part in your ABM strategy. This type of content can provide value for the buyer if it addresses a specific need, challenge, or goal they can relate to. It also demonstrates expertise and shows how your brand has a deep understanding of the industry or market trends. It can serve as a conversation starter or resource they share internally with the rest of the buying committee. So rather than waiting for your most important audiences to discover this content on your website, why not deliver it to them directly through a reliable and targeted channel?

Get More Newsletter Subscribers

Newsletters provide a consistent touchpoint to build and strengthen relationships with key decision-makers. They can also establish your brand as a thought leader or provide value through educational resources. Newsletter engagement (an open or click for example) is also a potential intent signal for your sales team to use for a timely follow-up call or email. But they won’t see it in their inbox unless they subscribe, and they won’t subscribe unless they know about it. So get that “subscribe now” call-to-action in front of high-priority accounts through employee email. Who knew a different type of email channel could help your email marketing (and account based marketing) strategy?

Promote Webinars

Webinars are a type of content that allow you to directly address a specific pain point, goal, or strategy that’s relatable to your target accounts. They’re also useful for thought leadership and to establish credibility that can influence buying committees. Most of all, they give your sales team something that can provide value for their most important accounts. And with that, a reason to reach out or follow up to keep the conversation going and moving to the next stage. But first, these accounts need to know about it and register. And the marketing team can play a big role in that, especially with this channel. Marketers know just how much work webinars require, so why not use every channel possible to get the right accounts on your registration list?

Ready to Become an ABM Email All-Star?

Email is one of the most commonly used forms of communication in the business world, yet it's often overlooked as a powerful marketing (and account based marketing) channel. By targeting priority accounts with specific email ads, you can deliver a more personalized and effective message that speaks directly to the needs of each decision-maker. And with Opensense, using employee email for ABM has never been easier. Get more ABM examples.

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