New Case Study: Bumps Paid Event Signups 10% With Opensense Signature Banners

October 8, 2019 is totally on fire 🔥The company, founded by former Microsoft peeps, has been growing quickly and now has over 3,500 customers. And get this: It's worth over a billion dollars. That's with a giant "B." Not to brag (well, maybe a little😉), but we're proud that they choose Opensense for their content and event marketing needs. To tell the tale, we just published a case study about how they jacked paid attendance to their annual "Unleash" event by 10% after they launched Opensense interactive email signature banners to promote their ticket sales. The money quote for us...

Opensense email signature banners increased our ticket sales by 10%. It was our highest ROI channel. And these are tickets that cost over $1,000. "

-- Lauren Alt, Manager, Demand Generation -

Outreach is not only a customer but they are also an Opensense partner: our email signature management and marketing platform integrates seamlessly with their sales engagement platforms.

That's right.

Check out our just published case study and ping us for a demo to learn how the Opensense team can give your event marketing a quick and powerful jolt without requiring any extra effort by your sales or marketing teams.

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