Top 21 Marketing Tips for Success in 2024

February 1, 2024

Gearing up to dominate and crush 2024? We've put together something sweet just for you. 🍭

This year has the potential to be more crowded than last year, making it more of a challenge to amplify your brand. Or you can look at it as an opportunity to stand out. To do that, it’s crucial to be intentional about every piece of content you create, each relationship you establish, and how you lead your team. 

Exploring different avenues can help with that. Whether you want to build trust with your customers, launch that podcast, build an engaged community, skill up as a leader, or finally achieve the perfect marketing and sales alignment, we’ve got your back. 

We asked 21 various industry leaders what perspective marketers should adopt to sow the seeds of success for 2024. 

They are coming in hot and sharing their best advice on leadership, community, content, strategy, and more so you can crush ALL your goals this year.

Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and take notes! These tips will help you and your team excel in 2024. ✨

Mason Cosby, Founder of Scrappy ABM

Focus on revenue-generating plays at the bottom of the funnel and with existing customers. Forget the search for a silver bullet—strategic, repeatable plays in your ICP-Fit accounts and customer base are the key to fast results, Sales alignment, and revenue for future ABM endeavors.

Now isn't the time for an ABM pitch. Instead, propose short-term, easily digestible plays that meet your revenue team's current needs. This approach gives you the runway to increase your funnel accounts.

Your always-on bottom-of-funnel plays? They're still working. By dedicating the year to building one repeatable play each month, you'll have 12 by year-end—drawing in the right customers, converting them, and expanding their engagement. It all starts by engaging the bottom of the funnel and existing customers to build trust and gain buy-in for the full funnel.

Sophie Milliken, the CEO & Founder of Moja

For me, modern PR is all about the breadth of opportunities to increase your visibility. Yes, social media is important but that’s the vehicle to share all the meaty activities that will outlive a banging LinkedIn post. So think awards, speaking opportunities, writing - a book, articles, blogs, a strategic networking strategy, podcasting and more. As with anything, you have to be consistent, so create a plan for 2024 and break down what activities you will focus on month by month.

Jess Cook, Head of Content & Communications at Island

This is a BIG question! To me, the most powerful combination in copywriting is intrigue + proof. How can you make someone curious enough to want to read more and then how can you hit them with undeniable proof that their time was well spent? 

As with most things in copywriting, this comes down to knowing your audience well enough to know:

1. What would intrigue them and 

2. What would pay off that intrigue?

Drew Brucker, Founder of brainchild 

Adopting a multifaceted perspective is key.

There are endless ways you could (and should) use AI as a marketer in 2024, but the questions you want to answer are: when, why, and how will my team use it. Instead of reacting, get ahead of the crowd by proactively seeking out scenarios, reasons, and ways your team will use it in your team and individual workflows.

Because of the rapid nature of AI's evolution, I'd recommend setting aside time each week to play, experiment, and discuss these as a team. And if you want to go the extra mile, start documenting the ROI your seeing as a result (costs, time, compromises). This will empower your team further while also showcasing the return to your leadership team.

Christina Garnett, Founder of Pocket CCO

Your customers are feeling the same economic pressure you are. They are also worried about sales numbers, layoffs, and what the future could hold.

In times of scarcity, you are likely to cut everything that doesn't immediately provide value.

You should be seen as a partner. 

How can you mutually benefit each other and showcase that you want them to win too? 2024 is the year of collaborative impact in advocacy.

Corrina Owens, Chief Evangelist Officer at purple cork

Be as engaged with your evangelists (internal employees, customers, etc.) as they are with your content! In other words, you should be some of the first people showing up in their comments, engaging with their follower's comments on their content too.

Show up and be involved where they are.

Ashley Faus, the Head of Lifecycle Marketing, Portfolio at Atlassian

Look for the hidden gems in your organization! People trust people like themselves, so having folks with craft-specific expertise at a variety of levels helps you build credibility for your thought leadership content.

Don't focus only on people with C-suite titles, think about the people who are doing the work, finding new and innovative ways to solve problems, and codifying that information to help others move forward.

Travis Tyler, Senior Social Media Manager at Motion

Launch a podcast. Here are 3 keys to building and maintaining a successful podcast:

1. Consistency - 75% of podcasts never make it past episode 6. People give up because they realize how much work it takes to keep it going. Find a way to make it easier for you to keep delivering. One way is to bank a ton of episode recordings and then release them once a month. Another tip is to outsource podcast editing so you're not spending tens of hours each week on tedious editing.

2. Teachability - Don't just rely on your guests to teach your audience. Prepare for your podcast recordings like a professor prepares for a lecture. People want to become a smarter version of themselves when they listen. So make sure you deliver. Don't improvise and ramble aimlessly. Teach. Teach. Teach.

3. Clips on clips on clips - Set up your recordings in a way with your guest where you both understand you're trying to get a few clips. Ask them to repeat answers and keep them succinct for a soundbite you can use. Clips will be how the majority of your audience interacts with your podcast. So make sure you have great clips and make sure they are enticing enough for people to devote the time to a full episode.

Melissa Moody, General Manager, Matcha at Commsor

There’s a lot of emphasis on scale over the past years, but true success in communities comes down to building stronger 1:1 relationships that keep members engaged, building value, and delighted.

The best way to do that is to put processes in place that reinforce your commitment to relationship building.  Block time for networking meetings during your week. Use platforms that emphasize human connection (vs. only focusing on scale).  And above all: Before you share what you’re working on, ask what others are working on… and Listen.

Rob Jones, Creative Lead at RevPartners

Be intentional about a Creative Space and a process in which people CAN create content (specifically video). Make it an internal "creative cohort", and complete it with meeting cadences, resources, trainings, brainstorm sessions, and incentives. 

One of our core missions at RevPartners is to unlock human potential for flourishing. Letting people become known is one of those goals, and that can be done by building a personal brand on social. Now, figuring out personal brand vs company brand and how the two compare and contrast can be a challenge, but it's a challenge worth exploring.

Matt Paige, Vice President, Marketing & Strategy at HatchWorks

Don't get caught in the AI positioning trap. Be wary of changing your whole positioning and strategy due to the trends in AI. 

This doesn't mean passing on leveraging AI, and taking full advantage of its potential. 

But it does mean being considerate of how it impacts your positioning. Likely, it doesn't change your current positioning in any way. It may actually fit perfectly into what you already have. 

At the end of the day, it is about your points of differentiation and the value you provide to your customers. Not AI for AIs sake.

Melanie Reid, Event Marketing Manager at Riskified

In 2024, marketers should keep in mind that a successful events portfolio can impact the whole organization, not just to increase sales which tends to be the main focus. Events can be utilized to establish community (customer marketing), to strengthen partner relationships (partner marketing), and to reduce churn, encourage new sales, or increase visibility (growth marketing). There's no end to what a strong event year can do for the organization if marketers continue to think creatively!

Jaclyn Mullen, Head of Marketing at TheLoops

Slow down to speed up. Disconnect and break from thinking about the KPI’s, planning and tactics, especially on weekends. Completely unplugging over the weekend allows your mind to shift focus, fostering new perspectives and problem-solving approaches. Breaking the monotony of your normal day to day and intentionally pursuing your passions outside of work boosts creativity, which is crucial for leadership and critical thinking.

HBR suggests taking a vacation as an example of helping you tune out external pressures, allowing you to reconnect with your true self. But it doesn’t have to be that extreme. Engaging in childhood hobbies, trying new recipes, exploring local attractions, or spending an hour alone in a new place can significantly enhance your mental and emotional well-being and put you in a revitalized state to lead your team come Monday.

Paige Tills, Head of Marketing at #samsales Consulting

Competition is fierce, and attention spans are short. Leverage your partnerships to get your content in front of fresh eyes and bring new subscribers to your newsletter. This doesn't have to be a financial transaction - everyone has resources to share.

Master the feedback loop. The needs of your customers and your subscribers will change with the market, time of year, trends, etc. Make a point to be an active listener on LinkedIn, in community groups, on customer calls, and keep your newsletter flexible to adapt. This ensures you're providing valuable content and staying relevant.

Becky Lawlor, Founder and Chief Research & Content Officer at Redpoint 

Same old, same old, won't cut it. There's too much content out there already. If you want your content to break through the noise, you need to publish something no one else can. And that means your content needs to incorporate both original thinking and original research. 

Your content will be strongest if you approach the collection of original research with a narrative in mind, so that you can ultimately tell a strong and interesting story from your data. Weave in thought leaders perspectives, whether those are internal SMEs or external industry experts to further strengthen the narrative and offer a POV no one else has.

Bobby Narang, Founder & Chief Customer Officer at Opensense

Sales and Marketing can and should own some aspects of pipeline generation.  There is incredible potential in leveraging the skill in messaging, understanding of brand, and vision of a Marketing team with the grit, creativity and execution of a Sales team.  

Working bidirectionally, I believe there's a real opportunity to experiment with methods and create value that will ultimately aid in achieving what both teams will eventually be measured against:  Revenue.  Today's shared experiments become tomorrow's doubled down GTM.  This can't happen without alignment, collaboration and commitment.

Jass Binning, Director of Marketing at Opensense

The success of my team is what drives me the most every day.

When it comes to leading my team, my end goal is simple: I want every single person to do their best work, feel fulfilled, and get the recognition they deserve. I want this for them because I want it for me too. I take time to really build a genuine connection with my team and get to know them on a personal level, understanding their unique strengths, their areas of improvement and how to best communicate with them in a language that empowers them; then, I do what I can (when I can find the time) to fill those gaps with the right support to enable their growth. 

And the beauty of it is that it all feeds into one big system. I wholeheartedly believe in the collective success and the interconnectedness of all our achievements. This mantra is something I learned from a leader I admire: If you fail, I fail; If you win, I win.

Shawna Cooley, Associate Director of Marketing at Opensense

Marketers must embrace an even more authentic approach, focused on establishing genuine connections with their audience through every interaction. In order to generate ideas that resonate and connect with people, dedicate time to research, find inspiration beyond your industry, and seek creativity in every encounter.

By staying curious, you’ll find creativity can be found anywhere. Analyze successful campaigns from other brands, spend a day at a museum, or observe unique approaches taken by a new restaurant. Study their processes and branding, from menu design to customer service. These moments can disrupt the ruts we sometimes get in and spark unexpected ideas you can adopt for your brand. Personalization and uniqueness will sow the seeds of success in 2024, making people feel truly special, ultimately resulting in a higher return on investment and efforts.

Jodi Cerretani, VP of Marketing at RollWorks

For B2B marketers aiming for success in 2024, a strategic demand generation perspective involves aligning marketing goals with broader business objectives. Start by clearly defining overall strategic and financial goals, then tailor marketing objectives to directly contribute to these targets. 

✅ Prioritize an audience-centric approach, developing detailed buyer personas and utilizing data-driven insights to inform strategies. 

✅ Implement a multi-channel integration strategy, maintaining consistency across various platforms. 

✅ Foster strong alignment between marketing and sales teams to ensure seamless lead handover and a unified customer acquisition approach. 

✅ Embrace a culture of continuous optimization, regularly analyzing campaign performance and refining strategies based on insights. 

✅ Invest in cutting-edge technology, leveraging tools like AI-driven analytics and marketing automation to enhance efficiency and personalization. 

This holistic approach not only generates leads but also lays the groundwork for sustained business growth in the dynamic landscape of 2024 and beyond.

Scott Bynoe, VP, North America Marketing at Crawford & Company

Does planning matter? YES.

It’s important to be prepared. To have a strategy. To understand your goal. To know how to position yourself in the right place at (mostly) the right time. But guess what? Sometimes, chaos takes over.

So I approach work in a manner of “planning with acceptance of chaos.” It’s been my philosophy for as long as I’ve been a ‘grown up.’ Planning is vital. Planning gives you goals, a purpose. But when you embrace chaos…magic happens.

Another piece of advice is something I’ve been saying to my team: “Let’s always make lemonade!”

Work for marketers in complex businesses can be trying at times. Always justifying our roles or being asked to do things that aren’t actually marketing. I always tell the team don’t say no, but “no unless” or “yes if” - in short, always make lemonade.

Jelena Djordjevic, Marketing Manager at Opensense

In podcasting, there's no one-size-fits-all.

Don't blindly follow what works for others. Embrace your brand's uniqueness, tap into your team's creativity, and share your story authentically.

We learned that niching down isn't always necessary; our show, Growth Marketing Camp, thrived when we pivoted to exploring diverse topics and introduced limited edition Founder Stories episodes. Define your show's identity, pursue your vision, and watch the magic happen.

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