3 Ways Sales Leaders Use Email Signatures to Drive Higher Conversions

May 9, 2018

Stuck in a sales slump? You're not alone. Just 22 percent of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates. However, for every $92 spent acquiring customers, only $1 was spent converting them. That leaves quite a bit of room for improvement.

Research shows that the user experience is the number one factor impacting conversions. Everything from the number of steps required, to whether the CTA is a text link or button, to how your message displays on a mobile device can have an impact. While the inbox certainly is crowded, it remains one of the most cost effective and reliable methods of communication. It can be highly personalized, with a significant impact on customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and repeat business.

Perhaps the most underutilized part of the email is the email signature. By including an email ad banner ( similar to display ad banners), you can offer a great way to help boost sales conversions. Most brands don't optimize their email signatures. In fact, 52 percent of companies don't use signatures at all. Forward-thinking sales leaders know how to maximize the white space at the end of your email with interesting, informative, and valuable information.

Here are three ways sales leaders use their email signature and email ad banners to boost sales

#1 - Promotions

Promotions drive revenue — it's as simple as that. Personalized offers (promotions that you target to high-value customer segments) could result in even bigger sales. Including engaging and highly targeted campaigns in everyday email offers a compelling way to speak directly to your customers and can lead to significant increases in conversion rates.

Promotions give customers a way to opt-in to ongoing communications and offers. They can include everything from discounts and special offers, to contests and giveaways, and offer customers a great way to engage with your brand.

#2 - Events

Seminars, webcasts, and tradeshows are a great way to raise awareness about your products and services, and convert leads into customers. Use your email ad banner as a way to promote upcoming events and invite recipients to register or attend. Including pertinent details like the date, time, place, and any special details will help drive interest for participation.

It’s important to make sure your promotional language for these types of events is accurate and personalized. This can significantly impact conversions as well as enable you to capture valuable customer data for future marketing campaigns.

#3 - Downloads

Customers love freebies - especially those that are educational versus solely serving as a sales piece. Creating a free ebook or whitepaper can showcase your brand’s expertise in a certain area, support various marketing or sales campaigns, and make a great giveaway to generate leads and drive higher conversions. Including a download in your email signature makes it easy for prospects and customers to get that valuable piece of information in their hands - and share it with colleagues and friends. To boost engagement, you should include CTAs in the download itself, which can include offers for a second ebook or whitepaper, a dedicated landing page or microsite, a request for a review, or an invite to a mailing list. 

Email ad banners offer a seamless way to promote your brand, communicate your value, and gain valuable insight into your sales opportunities (including whether or not you’re talking to the right people or sharing appropriate messages). Making small changes to your email ad banner can dramatically impact your conversion rate. You can start today by adding a current promotion, event, or download.

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