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How to Build Brand Loyalty Through ABM, Customer Marketing and Evangelism with Nick Bennett from Alyce

November 2, 2022

Is ABM still a thing, or has it made its way into the world of buzz? Are B2B marketers sleeping on influencer marketing instead of taking full advantage of it? What benefits can customer marketing bring to the table if done right? And how does the success of it all tie back to having a strong personal brand that you can leverage? 

These are just some of the burning questions B2B marketers are asking. And so we’ve decided to take a swing at them and provide the answers.

It’s the age of community building and influencer marketing in B2B, and brands are noticing the ROI opportunities of leveraging this medium. The goal of this new approach is to use evangelism to build a brand and turn a community of customers into raving fans. At least that’s what Nick Bennett, Director of Evangelism & Customer Marketing at Alyce is doing. If you’ve seen him all over your feed as well, you’ll agree he’s doing an excellent job. 

In this week's episode of Growth Marketing Camp, we chat with Nick Bennett about all things ABM, Customer Marketing, and Evangelism. 

Nick shares the story of what it takes to build a strong personal brand and a community of die-hards (& how Alyce leverages it), how to collaborate with B2B influencers to create content, and provides practical tips on how to get started. He’ll touch on the importance of customer marketing, and how his experience enabled him to find success. You’ll also get kickass tactical ideas to replace those tired case studies for something more exciting.

🍒The cherry on top: Nick tells the story of why he started his podcast, Rep Your Brand, and how it helped him level up from being a marketer to building a loyal community. 🔥

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