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How To Establish and Measure Brand Trust with Vena Solutions’ Tamara Kitić Yarovoy

October 18, 2022

In recent years, we’ve seen the B2B SaaS community grow into an ecosystem for customers and prospects to find answers, support, education, and entertainment. It’s become a collaborative space for exchanging ideas, growing, and scaling businesses.

A common question many companies ask is how do you establish and measure strong brand trust. And what does it mean to create community? 

Our newest Growth Marketing Camp guest, Tamara Kitić Yarovoy, the Director of Demand Generation at Vena Solutions, is here to answer these questions, and more.

Tamara sheds light on her most recent projects in 2022, the importance of aligning marketing and sales teams (as well as the CS, HR, and all other departments), and shares with our audience how she’s found success doing so. 

Tamara has built tangible advantages for Vena Solutions directly attributed to her community building through the launch of Plan to Grow, a community for finance professionals.  

She shares insights on how to get started, how she measures the ROI of community, and why the first task should be to get buy-in from leadership. We uncover the reasons behind Vena’s company-wide shift from MQL to the MQA approach, how she’s leading and supporting it, and how she’s aligning this transition with ABM.

Additionally, Tamara treats us with the advice she would give her younger self, what book significantly impacted her career, and why she foresees revenue teams being marketing, sales, and cs in the future. This episode is a treat. We hope you enjoy it!

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