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The Outside-In Approach to Copywriting with Konrad Sanders

December 6, 2022

Being a successful copywriter goes beyond being a great writer. You need to be a people person. You’ve got to learn to persuade, charm, nurture, and then quickly adapt your tone and voice to your audience. As our newest guest shares, you’ve got to be a chameleon.

Konrad Sanders is all that, and then some more. 

Konrad started his marketing career as a solo freelancer, fresh on the scene. Today, he runs a charming London-based agency, The Creative Copywriter, working with big brands like Adidas, Hyundai, and TikTok. 

The Creative Copywriter agency is growing on average by 40% yearly; and there’s a good reason for that. He’s spent the past decade blending the crafts of art and science to build:

  • Tried and tested copywriting methodologies
  • Home-grown ‘13 lenses’ that sharpen all your copy into focus
  • A forecasting tool that predicts and tracks content ROI.

On this week’s episode of the Growth Marketing Camp, Konrad joins us to share all his tips and tricks with our audience. Jass and Konrad dig deep into creative ways you can use to uncover what your customers want (versus what you think they want). Konrad answers, what are some of the biggest issues he sees in many SaaS startups and brands, and why he always follows “the rule of one” in his landing page copywriting. 

Whether you are a freelance copywriter, an in-house copywriter, or a business owner looking to enhance your copy skills, this episode is just the roadmap to the demand-led copywriting you were waiting for. 🔥

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Jass Binning
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Konrad Sanders
Founder, CEO & Content Strategist
The Creative Copywriter