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10 Ways to Use Everyday Email to Boost Traffic (and Leads)

July 16, 2018

When marketing your business online, the sky is the limit. There are so many ways to promote your business and boost new business, from expert content to stellar social media campaigns and just about everything in between. But, what about your email signature? You may think it's a spot only for your name and title. But, it's far more valuable than that. How can this space be used to market your company? Here are 10 ways to use to boost leads (and drive new business).

Increase website traffic

Do you have a new blog post you want to promote? Or a limited-time promotion on a new product? The email signature is the spot to put that link. You're already communicating with the person - use the space wisely! It involves a strategy. You don't want to put 'check out my new blog post' only. You need to entice them to click on the link and go to the post - what makes it interesting? Make sure they know what's in it for them.

Promote the next big event

There is so much preparation and promotion that goes into your events. From making sure the menu is perfect or the entertainment is interesting, to making sure you've invited the right people -- every event is an investment. You may not even think to add it to your email signature. But, you should. It's free marketing to your target audience. Imagine a link that's automatically sent on all outgoing emails with a call-to-action for recipients to register for the event.

Offer discounts on new products

Email signatures are a great place to promote sales and new products. You can add special promotional codes that are redeemable by clicking on your email link. These links don't have to be stagnant. You can target your email signature based on where prospects are in the buying cycle or based on other interactions you've had with them (using information stored in your CRM).

Segment campaigns

The email signature is an opportunity to segment your leads. Consider the goals of each department - and try to understand how you best fit into that plan. The marketing team may wish to grow newsletter subscriptions. Yet, the sales team may be more focused on deals and discounts. You can change the signature template to fit the department goals. Send the right promotion to the right people, and subscriptions and sales will increase.  

Increase your social media following

The email signature is an effective place to promote your social media profiles. Including this information makes it easy for customers and prospects to connect on the properties where they participate. Using icons instead of full URLs can help make it even more visually appealing.

Make it personal

Faces are a powerful tool in marketing. People like to put a name to the face and it builds trust. Realtors understand this well. A great headshot goes a long way in developing trust with your prospects. Prospects feel more comfortable requesting a demo or a showing from someone who they know. An excellent headshot helps make it personal and creates that trust.

Build brand awareness

Everyday email is a great place to develop your brand awareness. You can add your logo and tagline to your email signature, or incorporate some of the brand colors and design. It's an efficient way to make sure correspondence with your customers is professional. On average, employees send 30 emails a day. Emails are valuable space to increase your brand awareness.

Ensure brand consistency

Whether you know it or not, employees are representing your brand (for better or worse) with every email they send. Of course, not every employee has to have the same signature. Depending on their department, signatures can serve a different purpose. Maybe it's to drive webinar registrations or newsletter subscriptions, maybe it's a new disclaimer from legal. But, all emails must meet certain criteria and represent an opportunity to promote and protect your brand.

Evaluate signature effectiveness - tweak and repeat

Use analytics to examine which signature templates are most effective for your bottom line. Test out which CTAs generate the most attention. Look at your click-through rates to see what links are most appealing to your customers. Find out what's working. Tweak what isn't. Use every email as an opportunity to improve.

Use it as a complementary tool

Everyday email is a complementary marketing tool to your current campaigns. But, it should not be used on its own. The email signature and email ad banners should fit well with your customers' needs and your long-term goals -- while complementing existing campaigns.

Email ad banners are a powerful piece of a solid marketing strategy, and a great way to increase website traffic and drive new business. We'd love to show you how Opensense can help you get started today!

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