Mortgage Playbook

Capture the One Massive Brand Opportunity Most Mortgage Companies Miss

Mortgage professionals hold more responsibilities for their clients now more than ever before. 

According to the National Association of REALTORS®, agents and brokers are the go-to resources for all generations of home buyers, with mobile and tablet search devices trailing behind.

The most important factor to buyers when choosing an agent is working with someone who is trustworthy, followed by one with experience. It’s not simply about attracting new clients, it’s focusing on being the best resource you can be to retain them. Buyers are looking for help in all areas, from finding the right home and negotiating terms of sale and price, to marketing their home to sell and finding ways to sell their home for more.

Building trust and delivering a personalized experience are the keys to unlocking their loyalty. And the power to do so lies in employee email. All your communication with buyers happens in one central hub, engaging, educating, and promoting your offers while outshining your competition.

In this playbook, uncover this untapped potential of email signatures and learn how to:

  • Leverage employee email to engage, educate, and promote offers to buyers effectively
  • Deliver a personalized experience and establish strong relationships through accessible resources and a seamless home buying process
  • Manage multiple compliance guidelines, locations and licenses, while boosting your brand and showcasing dynamic badges and reviews
  • Easily cross-sell and increase revenue through highly targeted offers to current buyers

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Learn more about how Opensense helps mortgage companies here.

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