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Opensense Tracking and Analytics

Gain deep insight into what recipients do after receiving your emails. 

More is better.

Knowing whether or not your emails get read is great. But understanding the behavior or path your recipient takes after opening your message, clicking on links, or reviewing attached files is priceless. Because when you can fine tune your messaging based on actual user behavior, you are that much closer to perfecting your electronic communications skills – and getting what you need from the people you are trying to reach. With Opensense deep analytics, we can help.

Real Time Tracking

Real-time, multi-recipient tracking.

The Opensense feed provides full audit trail views of precisely what happens after you hit send, including:

  • View notifications
  • Click notifications
  • Attachment analytics (quantitative and qualitative)
  • YouTube and Vimeo video analytics
  • Website tracking

The Activity Feed is available through the Opensense Web Portal, your mobile device, and via the Salesforce integration module.

Opensense Real-Time Tracking
Get the Attachment

Get the attachment?

With Opensense, you'll never wonder or have to ask again. You can automatically track attachments sent from any device. Simply draft your email, attach, and send the message like you normally would using your preferred email client on your favorite device.

Because we're device agnostic and fully integrated with all major enterprise email services, there’s no need to upload files to our site. We’ll provide page-by-page analytics, and a full video replay of your recipient(s) engagement with the file you expect them to review. This value-added insight will help you prepare for your next call - and get closer to closing the deal.


Watch what happens.

Only Opensense can give you video engagement reports on the fly for any YouTube and Vimeo links you send – from any device. Simply compose the email, drop in your link, and hit send. We’ll automatically embed the magic and provide full analytics, including engagement details, so you can have the intelligence you need to maximize each opportunity.

Watch what Happens YouTube and Vimeo

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